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The first order of business to address optimum health is mitigating around artificial EMFs that are constantly bombarding us, Mother Earth, and all of her inhabitants severely altering each respective biology and configuration. Chaotic climate change is greatly due in part to the catalyst reaction of these unhealthy and disruptive EMFs. The rising incidence of disease and illness especially among the younger population has as a primary catalyst these unchecked, unregulated man-made EMFs that have every potential to be made safer and less disruptive.


If you don't think so, awaken and open your eyes so you can see and your ears so you can hear and look again. 

We have to find safe and healthier Energy method that do not disrupt our biology and chemistry like the current electromagnetic man-made methods used with Smart appliances, cell phones, cell towers, computers, Bluetooth, medical equipment, in the military, satellites wi-Fi, Errors and electrical wiring etc..

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