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2010 Movement

MWL Jan. 22, 2010

This year is scheduled to be one of much movement on many levels. All types of relationships will go through much movement, from our relationship with ourselves to relationships immediately outside us such as marriage and partner relationships, to work, and our relationship with children and animals. On an individual basis, a lot of movement is occurring in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. So do not be overly concerned with big, many small, or constant changes occurring within you to the point of major stress, fear, or anger. You do want to focus on your reaction and your thoughts to the changes occurring and then work with this if necessary. Externally, also much movement on a city, nation, and world level, all on a physical, emotional and mental level as well. You see, a city, a state, a country has its own emotional and mental bodies too. The key is balance through all the movement that occurs, where you are centered right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane. I sense and feel the earth changes that will occur, will be more on the metaphysical level with her trying to reach out to us so that we may communicate with her. She does have a voice! ... in a very literal sense. Listen! Believe! The current and coming experiences and changes are fantastic. The "contractions" occurring are carrying us forth to a Spiritual birth, bringing into form a new incredible world.

Have the faith and the trust beside you, the wisdom and knowledge above you, and the step firmly grounded below you. In Peace.. piece by piece...step by step.

My love and joy!


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