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2012 - Its Meaning From an Action Level

MWL Dec. 16, 2009

We are on a path of self-discovery. By default, you are registered on an accelerated course of comprehending Who You Are at new levels. Jam-packed with chapters and chapters of review to determine what you understand and what you need to experience again. It's a crash course on emotional knowledge and understanding. What is in review is a deeper understanding of Life, science, and religion. We are being asked to open to higher knowledge of the creation and of God.

The objective of the Course:

To personally understand Light. That we are made of vortexes of swirling light or what we call Chakras. That we encompass not only 7 major Chakras but more above and millions below. And millions upon millions of Chakras inside of us. That is what we are made of, strings of encompassing light. We are in the discovery of light at a new level of learning.

On January 17th, 2010 I will conduct a workshop here in Chicago regarding 2012, its implications, and the two fundamental wavelengths that are shaping our lives.

My blessings to you all.


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