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Total Encompassing Love

MWL Sept. 22, 2009

At the level of unconditional love, that is, Total, Immense All-encompassing Love, the actions of the person are not taken into account to feel or to express this Love.

At this level of Total, Immense All-encompassing Love, what is taken into account is that which cements us all - our complete Being. In Spider Woman's words and dance, she showed me that as the creator and weaver of all, she takes all her brood and holds them in her world of arms and no one is higher or lower by actions, but equal by being her creation.

My Love and Joy to you.

Last week I spoke about Total Encompassing Love (TEL), or what many folks call unconditional love.

Let’s take this higher understanding and apply it to our level of life here on earth. We need to look upon everyone through the thought/mind concept of TEL. It’s as if this love flows out of our eyes toward all people. In our direct dealing with others, keep this love image in mind along with acknowledgment that on a deeper level they are equal to you. We can then proceed without judgment in our relationships and combine it with the knowledge that we are all responsible for where we are and what we do. This means we weigh the abilities and capabilities, not only of ourselves but also of those we interact with. In this manner, we discern what is right or wrong for us and can proceed accordingly. So now, you work in a stage of Total Encompassing Love towards another individual, and at the same time, you speak and act within appropriate boundaries here in your daily living. This is combing heaven on earth. The broader, deeper knowledge of the above is applied to the workings of the earth.

Applying the teachings from above without proper alignment here on earth can be detrimental to you. For example, inviting someone off the street to your home without considering his or her abilities and capabilities along with your own, can be an error. Viewing that same stranger with Total Encompassing Love and without any further interaction can be the best and most appropriate action for the moment.

In other words, love all, but discern whom you invite for dinner!

So in summary:

• Total Encompassing Love looks at the other without judgment of his or her actions but brings in the essence that unites us all. (Heaven)

• We relate with each other within boundaries marked by your abilities and capabilities along with those of the other persons. (Earth)

My Love and Joy to you.


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