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Cancer Case Story - Gordy

Originally posted on FB on Sept. 28, 2010

September 2010

Cancer Case Story- Gordy, Wisconsin: 2009-2010

Up until late 2006, my husband Gordy was a physically active man. He loved the outdoors, landscaping, gardening, hunting, and anything having to do with nature. After being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis by his physician and being treated for it for almost 3 months continuously, he went to a different doctor who sent him for X-rays and to a specialist who, within 3 days, diagnosed him with stage 3-B lung cancer. He was told that he needed open-heart surgery before anything could be tried for his cancer. In February of 2007, he had a quad bypass on his heart and 6 weeks later he went in for surgery again to see if the cancer was operable. Unfortunately because of the size and location near his heart, removal was impossible. They told us that without chemo or radiation treatments he had 6 months or less, and with it, maybe as much as a year to a year and a half. Within 6 months he had 3 rounds of chemo and radiation treatments, the maximum amount the human body could allow. These treatments were followed by weekly treatments to boost his immune system. In December of 2008, we were told the cancer was still there but was in remission.

However, the treatments had taken their toll, and he was left very weak and unable to do many of the things he used to love doing. Also, his cough continued to get worse as the days went by and often resulted in his passing out. On several occasions, he fell and injured himself when he passed out coughing. In September of 2009, we were told the cancer was back and that there was nothing else that could be done except to make him as comfortable as possible with medications so that he would not suffer. The doctor in hospice said that he had a few weeks or at the most months left, and advised us to put his affairs in order at that time. The family celebrated Christmas in October of 2009 for his sake.

It was at this time, when all hope was gone, that my sister asked if we were open to alternative means to help him. She said she knew of a Medicine Woman who was a shaman, who might be able to help him if we were. My husband was open to the idea, and I was open-minded but somewhat skeptical. My husband was not a religious person, but was very spiritual and a collector and maker of Indian artifacts such as “dream catchers.” We made arrangements for her to visit him, not really knowing what to expect. I will never forget that day or what happened to my husband through the gifts that Lizette was able to give him, and to me through him. I will try to explain as best as I can what transpired and the end result of just that first session.

After getting to know a little bit about each other, Lizette had my husband lean back in his recliner chair and helped him to truly relax his whole Being with her guidance. She then asked him to visualize a brilliant white cloud above him. This light represented (to the best of my recollection) all that was pure, loving, and warm; anything and everything that was positive. She then had him gradually inhale this beautiful white cloud until it filled his whole Being, to the very tips of his toes; to feel the love and warmth that it brought. As I watched my husband, I could see the difference in the tension in his body, and even the lines on his face seemed to relax. She had him envision this love surrounding the cancer within him. The cancer was fed by anger and negativity, which is dark and black like the cancer itself. The rest of what happened is hard for me to explain. She had him use the white, positive energy that he inhaled to absorb all the black, negative feelings such as anger, fear, resentment, and hate. Then he was able to pull all of this up through his body and through the top of his head where he was to release it. When Lizette told him to let go and release all of these negative energies, my husband let out a gasp. He then opened his eyes and she asked him if he was all right and how he felt. He let out a big sigh and said, “I feel as if a large dump truck just backed up to my head and I just filled it with this black crud that came pouring out of my head.” He said he felt like his old self.

In the days that followed, others also commented on his look and well-being. His own daughter took me aside and asked me what had happened to her dad. She said he hadn’t been this mellow since she could remember him when she was a child. She was truly amazed as was his son. But even more so was his doctor when he saw him 3 weeks later. And 3 months later, his doctor said that he was looking and doing better than when he had first seen him in September. Although the cancer was still there, it was not making him weaker by the day as it had been. The doctor said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!”

During the months that followed, she helped him to utilize the things around him in his meditations, like the Indian peace pipe he had made himself and the stones that he had collected all of his life. It had something to do with all things giving off energies. She also, on a couple of occasions, was able to communicate with spirits that sent him messages that only he understood because they related to past events in his life as a child. I think it was their way of letting us know they truly existed and that they were there for him. My husband finally passed away on August 26th, 2010. He had been able to enjoy summer and the beginning of autumn with his family and especially his grandson. When he passed, he was at peace with himself. I know in my heart that he left because he was ready and not because he had to. I owe all of this to Lizette, for her follow-up visits and phone calls along the way. I remember her calling one time when I had been wanting to call her but did not want to impose on her time. She said that she had gotten a message to call me. When I asked her from whom, she said it was from the spirits she communicated with. They told her I needed her.

Lizette is a truly amazing, gifted woman. I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she did for us and the extra quality time she gave us together.

-Carol Schuh

Lizette’s Notes on This Story

The first session with Gordy lasted about 2-2 ½ hours. The first part of the session was with my fingers tapping in and clearing and opening various strings of energy. The white cloud that Carol talks about was part of a clearing exercise done through the mind. Another exercise was past-life recollection, and when Gordy did this portion with my assistance, an enormous amount of clearing or “dumping” occurred. I saw Gordy a total of 3 times, and soon after my last visit he no longer needed hospice. This was the first case in which I did a psychic, etheric-level transplant (from Carol to Gordy.) Carol and Gordy’s guides would contact me and would ask me to either relay information to them or to call them when they needed me. It was truly a beautiful experience to see all that transpired and to hear the awe and amazement from family members. This particular case also taught me that there are energy Beings who occupy space and time within the Earth that are now awakening and who are native Indian ancestors. Through me, they were able to feel and touch Gordy and there was rejoicing on their end. I agree with Carol; Gordy chose his time to leave consciously. A beautiful story indeed and glad to have played a part in it.


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