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Exercises for Self-Discovery

MWL Feb. 9, 2014

Everyone's work at this moment in Earth's schooling is to increase the awareness and the "knowing" of oneSelf.

Two exercises to commence these lesson plans are:

1. Breath.

Be aware of breath as much as you can throughout the day. Learn to breathe using the diaphragm muscle to inhale and exhale. To do this, place your hand on your stomach. When you breathe in, your stomach should expand like a balloon because you use the diaphragm muscle to bring air to the lungs. When you exhale your stomach should squeeze inward as if it were trying to touch your back. What you want to accomplish is the awareness that you are breathing. Feel the breath, the air, and its trajectory within the body. In other words, you can feel the air entering the nostrils, the hair in the nostrils can feel and greet the air, you can feel it going down into the lungs, and the lining of the lungs can feel and greet the air, and you can feel and sense every step of the exhale. Do this as often and as frequently as possible throughout the day. If you have never tried breathing using the diaphragm, start slow and do it for about a minute a few times throughout the day. You may feel dizzy since your body is getting used to something different - and if this is the case, stop for the moment and try again later on. Also, remind yourself to do it under different circumstances, such as when you are happy, sad, calm, anxious, scared, walking, running, eating, laying down, showering, or making love.

2. Emotional and Mental Body

Here, we are going to apply the getting to know our emotional and mental bodies at higher levels. The first step is simply to be aware of emotions and thoughts as if you were observing yourself from a higher level. From this position, you just observe the thoughts and emotions without implications or judgment. We want to accomplish here to get to know Who We Are on a mental/thought process and an emotional level. Some helpful hints while you are trying to be aware of these parts of you, are to ask yourself "What does this emotion or thought feel like?" and then observe the body, feeling it. Can you give it a color, a description? What feelings do the emotions or thoughts provoke? I would strongly suggest keeping a journal so that you can follow your patterns and have something tangible to review and learn from.

Check this video for more information and how to breathe properly.


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