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Beef Juice - The Miracle Broth

MWL Jun. 11, 2015

This has been a long time coming! I've had many requests, and have wanted for so long to get the recipe for this broth out to you with pictures.

What is beef juice good for? It is good for anyone who is seriously ill, particularly those who have no appetite or have difficulty keeping anything down... or that is so weak that the system does not want to digest anything. This could be a lifesaver for some people. For example, for those experiencing cancer, a severe bout of flu or cold, or any other major health issues.

This beef juice recipe was passed down to me from my family in Colombia. Edgar Cayce, known as the father of holistic medicine, also recommended the use of beef juice as a tonic, as it is easily assimilated and gives strength and vitality to the body.

I take this when my body requires it, and that is every couple of months. This is also excellent for those who want to limit their intake of meat, but the body still requires the protein... that is, most of us.

Beef Juice Recipe

1. Take 1-1.5 lbs of "eye round steak." Remove as much fat as possible.

2. Dice this into half-inch cubes.

3. Put the meat in a large baby food jar without water (baby food jars do not have lead, thus why we use them).

4. You can add a little bit of salt and cilantro for taste.

5. Set the lid lightly on top of the jar. Do not close or seal the jar tight, but easily cover the top.

6. Place the jar into a pot (should be 2-3 inches minimum between the jar and the pot edge), and fill with water about 3/4 toward the top of the jar.

7. Let this low boil for 3 to 4 hours.

8. When the water starts to get low, heat the water in a different pot, and once that's boiling, add it to the meat pot.

9. When done, carefully remove the jar from the pot and open the jar. Be careful as this is very hot and steamy.

10. Strain off the juice into a glass storage container. The meat may be pressed somewhat to get as much juice out as possible. There will be a filmy, brown residue on the edges of the meat; you want to remove this from the meat (it will come off easily) and add it to the bowl to keep.

11. Discard the meat or flesh, as this is not useful anymore.

12. Place the juice in the refrigerator. Notice the filmy brown residue at the bottom, this is ok.

13. When you take it out of the refrigerator the first time, there will be fat on the top. You can remove this. I know that for myself, during my Medicine Woman initiation, there was a time that my higher self indicated for me to take it with the fat…so you may need to discern if the fat is needed for your body or not. If the person is very weak, it might be best to remove all fat. The juice will keep for up to 3 days maximum.

14. It should be taken 2-3 times a day, a tablespoonful at a time, sipped very slowly. You can also enter a healing breath meditation while you are preparing the dose, ingesting it, and swallowing it.

"A tablespoonful is almost equal to a pound of meat or two pounds of meat a day, and that's right smart for a man that isn't active!" (Edgar Cayce, Reading 1424-2) "Beef juice should be taken regularly as medicine..." (Edgar Cayce, Reading 5374-1)


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