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Happy New Year - 2011

MWL Feb. 26, 2011

Hello everyone. Greetings and happy belated New Year.

Last January I mentioned how 2010 would be a year of a lot of movement in the invisible and upper worlds. And it was so.

There was plenty of disruption in the order of hierarchy in the upper levels, including changes, overlapping of energies, and what to me would feel like earthquakes.

Dec. 2010 and Jan. 2011 brought a rest period or a ceasing of contractions to these movements and growth in the upper world. In a sense, a birth has occurred and the movement has now transferred to our physical world.

2011 will be a year of many concrete, precise movements and changes. All for what we can call " The better".

We have just started a birth into a new space and time. This is very literal. This new space and time is something we will feel, see, and sense here in the physical world.

Yes, many things will be dismantled and restructured in a looser and freer state, both this year and in the coming years. Our nature and primal energies are maturing. And because of these energy changes, there will be a ripple effect in the changes in our planet. These changes will occur everywhere, including politics, government, religion, education, law and order, family, health, financial systems, sexual energy, and the animal kingdom in total. This new space and time will dictate a new order and thank God it is so. Hang in there! Worry less - there is a reason and a purpose for what occurs, so in your heart and through the mind release and let be what is to be, be.

One more piece of information I am retrieving. It has to do with the Philippines. “When the changes needed have concluded in the Philippines, it will be the start of a new order.” What I am understanding from this is that some change will occur in the Philippines that when finalized, it will mean that we have entered a new cosmic heartbeat rhythm. The move will be a switch from the right side male energy to the left side female energy.

My Love and Joy


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