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Introducing "Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand"

MWL Mar. 2, 2015

Open up to any page and find inspiration, comfort, guidance, higher truths, and uplifting light and joy.

Laid bare is my harrowing and beautiful journey through the Dark Night of the Soul and my initiation into the magnificent and unbelievable world of the Medicine Woman. It is a world unknown to most of us, where make-believe, myths, and fantasy join the realities of Life. For the first time, in this book, I share the wisdom I gained through the struggles and surreal experiences I encountered, along with the depths of Fear and Anger. The frosting on this journey was experiencing the fiery touch of True Love from the soul. Travel with me and confront your thoughts and beliefs; enter possibilities of “Who We Are” and what our future holds for us; and learn how you, too, can enter into a new realm of Being. It is possible! This book will challenge you to move beyond your conception of Who You Are, and will show you that there is so much more to what Life encompasses. I know you’re ready, and I know you’re eager to leap into Self-Discovery and to enter the knowledge of your heart... Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand


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