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On Being: Is there such a thing as racism?

Jul. 2, 2015

MWL- Excellent On Being podcast on the issue of race. I recommend you watch the video or read the transcript. What I liked about this talk is that John Powell is expanding a higher, broader view on the subject of race. I also really enjoyed the story that was discussed regarding Desmond Tutu.

For those of you who would like a listen to the audio or get a transcript, find it here.

For starters, here is a short essay on this subject from my book, Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand, on the chapter "Knowledge."

There is no such thing as racism at the higher levels, as the light has purified and narrowed its lens’ view through only the One eye and has bared the word and concept of racism to its root. At this level what does exist and what it is known as, is the inborn power over another.
My child, it does not matter the skin color, religion, social status, nation where you were born, sex, age, color of your eyes, or how you dress. These are just dressings to clothe and disguise the look of your eyes upon the reality of Who We Are…
by nature, inclined to savor the desire to take power over another, and in the perfect precise squeeze of a moment, by choice – we may steer to do it – no matter the dressing of another.
We are all racist at some level or another, to some degree, simply by the imprint society leaves on us. The important process and work within, is to be aware of this aspect and then to tame it.


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