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Michael Klinkner: Guide your teen through life's challenges and growth

MWL May 24, 2022

Great tips from Michael’s chart to help guide your teen through life's challenges and growth. Also, great for us adults to employ as we go through our own teenage years in our Spiritual Adolescence stage.

In viewing the chart below, I'd like to add to "Embrace a Growth Mindset" to remember that evolving and growing are constant as so is learning. Also, remember this continues for many lifetimes.

"Use Failure as an Opportunity.” Learning to see the glass 1/2 full, to make lemonade out of sour experiences, and to make a choice to live love in every moment as best as possible are great choices to find opportunity in every moment also. It shows that we are aware and conscious of the realities of life. No one on planet earth can learn, grow, discover or be who they are without failure, mistakes, or pain. These are essential to Becoming, to Being, and to learning. So, in the end, there is no failure, no mistakes, but a process to gain.

“Model confidence” Yes! The most significant role model you can give anyone or yourself is the importance and the necessity to love oneself.

We need to become intimate with ourselves. We need to get to know and be intimate with our thoughts, our emotions, and our Spirit. Remember, you cannot be intimate with another unless you are intimate with yourself first. You can’t give to another what you don’t have. And you have to love the total you! And those parts that you don’t care for, you take the steps to transform.

Here are some exercises to help you cultivate this love for yourself on your own and with others.

  1. Embrace yourself and hug yourself with acceptance and love. Caress your upper arms like a lover of the world. Feel the sensation in your fingertips. Accept yourself. Recommended doses: minimum once per day upon arising.

  2. Look in the mirror and say to yourself, “I love you” and send yourself a kiss.

  3. Give yourself a loving foot massage. While you are doing it give thanks to your feet for all the work it does. For all the steps it has taken in its life. Send kisses to your feet. (do this with other parts of your body also)

  4. Sit down, relax and close your eyes. Feel your face with the tip of your fingers, feel your lips, your ears, skin, and eyebrows, and give love and thanks to all the components of your face.

  5. The more self-love, self-understanding, and self-compassion we have for ourselves the more love, compassion, and understanding we can offer to others.

Happy Self-Discovery!


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