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Here we are again in an internal war...

MWL Feb. 26, 2022

Here we are again in an internal war like our species has done for millennium of years.

At some point, we have to and we will jump into the consensus that we no longer have to fight to the death to obtain release from the fear of individual survival. We will sway to view sacrifice as moving away from the anxiety and dread of not having, to a higher expression for “the good of all”, where power is dominion over the self in the spirit of love instead of power over another in the spirit of enslavement and where freedom and liberty apply to the individual soul and the human spirit.

Yet this frame of mind – A move from scarcity to abundance, from separateness to unity and Oneness, is not just to be desired and expected to flourish in the one sitting next to us, nor the figure on the TV, or the head of states. No, it must flourish in “you and me” first and foremost. We each must water and sunlight our own minds and hearts and develop new versions of thoughts, words, and actions that are aligned and conducive to this New World that emerges among us. So tend and prepare the soil in your mind and your hearts to plant the seeds for the New World’s version of peace, abundance, love, and joy and its entry into the perhaps forgotten, yet emerging superhuman facet of the human tribe of Who We Are.

The process of peace is one step at a time, and it begins with you.

Photo by: Brett Jordan on Unsplash


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