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MWS-Movement: We must start a movement of change

MWL Mar. 5, 2014

We must start a movement of change - and that movement, that change, must start within us. This change entails the influence and creation of our future. You and I have been called to place our mark in this movement to create a righteous and balanced trail for the children of our future. This is why I step up to the plate now and I am moving forward with the momentum, decisiveness, dedication, and readiness to do the work that must be done. There is much distortion in our world at present. It has its place and its purpose. But it is time to ring the bell and we must get to work. Recess is over. Join me in this new movement of bringing the force within us - within each of you - to align and straighten what is off-balance and what is not proper. Again, we must start within ourselves first, and I will lead and help with this step. We can make a difference. We can bring in the needed change. And we will!


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