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Sexual Arts: 3 Questions

MWL Oct. 20, 2023

Are there spiritual and metaphysical components to the Sexual Arts that provide an

avenue beyond procreation?

Photo by Oziel Gómez on Unsplash

Is there such a notion that exists so that human Beings can use the engrained impulses and instinctive sexual force to go beyond our current human condition?

Is there a science known to few men and women that can unravel to those who seek the concealed mysteries, powers, and force of the Sexual Arts?

The answer to all 3 questions is yes.

In the sexual union, the 1st tier of our bodies- physical, mental, and emotional combine within the individual, and as the sexual union proceeds that 1st tier combines and integrates with our partner, creating the 1st tier of energy exchange. Whether brief or a prolonged union, the exchange is either building, neutral, or creates more distortion for each individual, depending on many factors including the level of consciousness, intention, and the degree of purpose of the heart with the intention.

For the man in particular, a great degree of willpower on both a mental and spiritual level is required to move into working the mysteries of the Sexual Arts.

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