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So here we are, most of us living more intense experiences…

MWL Nov. 25, 2020

Hello everyone:

So here we are, most of us living more intense experiences, sometimes whether we want to or not, and all because the new light configuration of which I have previously spoken about, brings an inertia that forces us to confront WHO WE ARE. It demands that we awaken and become aware to what I call "our spiritual adolescence", which is just as real as the physical adolescence that we go through and experience here in the physical plane, and likewise, it is also a time of immense growth, change, and development on all fronts, enabling us to evolve and mature into solid spiritual adults.

Some of you may have been experiencing internal changes for some time now, and some may have started recently. The light configuration frequency increase started about 60 years ago, and that frequency corresponds to the attributes of Aquarius. Thus why we now call these times the "Age of Aquarius".

This light frequency change is quite significant, as we and everything else on mother earth is subject to receiving and absorbing these frequencies, which are the communication signals that activate the spiritual adolescent changes within us, exactly like hormones come into activation within a child's body and communicate to the rest of the body the process, changes, and growth needed through adolescence.

I myself experienced the upheavals of an abrupt and intense Kundalini awakening 15 years ago. Soon after, I began an equally intense and powerful initiation into the world of the Medicine Woman, and recently, 2 1/2 years ago, I suddenly found myself in a strict Spiritual Quarantine, where life held me hostage and said: "nope, you have to finish this." I am grateful for the strict guidance. (This does not mean I did not have my spiritual adolescence tantrums and meltdowns!!! )

So that is the reason you have not heard from me for some time. Impossible to communicate, both via the spoken word or otherwise, literally. I went perhaps almost a year where I could not speak at all. I could not do much other than attend to the constant internal metaphysical and spiritual tasks thrown at me.

It reminded me of Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet who could hardly speak for about a year.

I now share with you that my spiritual quarantine which l call "my Medicine Woman upgrade" is opening up. Those years of spiritual quarantine have seeded in me an unprecedented amount of patience and the taming of many internal aspects, along with the chill, the stamina, and being ahead of the game when the Covid quarantine hit strong here in Colombia. Unlike the USA, we hit the ground running with a tight and strict quarantine for about 5 months. Every experience helps build you one way and another.

I know many of you are seekers, perhaps more now than ever, and are dedicated Students of Life, and are wanting to awaken to higher knowledge and consciousness and seek to learn and become solid, mature, wise, and active spiritual adults. Continue acknowledging and accepting Who You Are, your process, your awakening, and work your internal conflicts with love, joy, and acceptance so as to work and transform to a higher vibration the energies you encounter on a mental and emotional level.

Why a higher vibration? So you can start aligning and integrating the higher light vibration of Aquarius that now reaches us, and become more compatible and experience less conflict with the continuing changes within yourself, within earth and within all of humanity, all the while avoiding stagnation or getting stuck in the same patterns over and over again, and move instead to developing and growing firmly in your spiritual adolescence process. We need to, and we must step up to the plate as co-creators. It’s our birthright, and I encourage each of you to become spiritual warriors of the light in your own right and in your own way.

As always, the first step is to be aware of breath - aware of breathing. Are there times when you hold your breath? When do you hold it? Are you breathing using your diaphragm or only the chest/lungs? If you are using only your lungs and chest expansion, move to using the diaphragm. A good place to start is to search Dr. Google ``Diaphragm breathing for singers" and/or watch the one I’ve posted here.

If you are new to diaphragm breathing, practice, practice, practice throughout the day.

Gradually increase your awareness of breath and make any corrections necessary until you’re automatically using your diaphragm. Any sign of dizziness or feeling faint, stop for the moment. That will eventually disappear as your body acclimates to diaphragm breathing.

I am delighted to connect with you on this platform again. Continue with happy Self-Discoveries, happy breathing, and keeping to the dance of life.

My love and joy.


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