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Speak your truth

MWL Sept. 25, 2021

Speak your truth, child of the everlasting, encompassing and loving creator.

Present to yourself all your facets of beauty, joy, creativity and include the shadows and dark sides that walk among you; look squarely upon all your gems, those that shine and those yet to show their brilliance that at times you want to reject and toss away from you.

My child, you are the beauty of the universe - choose to follow the pattern set by our everlasting Fathers of Creation and our Mothers of everlasting love and Creation who birth all in life. And if you can see and if you can place your eyes upon even the harshness of that which you reject upon creation and yourself - you can start to become joy and love among that which opens up to you as pain, ugliness and unacceptable.

Choose now to join me and become an instrument of peace here on earth. Know my love, that choosing peace is a path of unity within oneself first, and then ask yourself, how do I bring the gift of peace in this moment of unity - when all I see is separateness, when I reject parts of creation - and, then ask for that Holy Flame to inspire you in ways to be able to see and to hear that swirl of easy love that guides the way towards the steps and stairs that take one to know what needs to be known, and what needs to be encompassed in one’s Being, so that you may awaken to your true power and essence of your energetic sexual beauty of creation.

Blessings on your journey my child as you encounter the everlasting love and beauty of all that you are.

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash


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