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MWL Dec. 1, 2021

I take a stand upon my heart to open the way for the coming light to enter the dream of the New America.

There is a land to be seen a new way to become a journey to undertake a new vision to behold.

The end of times has commenced towards the beginning of the New Promise.

The journey will be seen as the baton of perpetual light conducts the new music of the New Era.

Rejoice as we come marching in - not one by one, but in droves to build the New America, the land for the free, the land for the promised liberty and the land for the New Wealth of Spirit, Song and Beauty.

There is no other way, for the path is narrowed at its seams and the coming is to arrive.

The dream no longer a dream but the manifestations of all times. Yes, the land of liberty will arrive, the land of the free will be, and then the reaching among hearts will be free to fly and sit among all the lovers of time.

Hallelujah, hallelujah

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels


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