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The stress and anxiety of these school children…

MWL Oct. 7, 2015

First excerpt:

"The stress and anxiety of these school children are what breaks apart the pieces in the realm of Heaven. Stress programs away from peace. Instead, we need to instill the joy of learning and move away from the competition, the methods, and the strivings of keeping up with the Joneses of China, Japan, Europe, and other nations. All nations need to recall and align their beat to the rhythm upon the earth portion that they walk and lay. This land (USA), known as the Land of the Turtle that now moves into the Land of the Hare, needs to do the same — walk to the pace of the earth underneath our feet, and that is the rhythm of individual attention and pace — of individual liberty and freedom, that is of joy, playfulness, and an open playground in the realm of discovery, imagination, and creativity. Now is the time to revert to when we employed less time constriction and less rush among our children, so as they developed the creative, entrepreneurial minds they have become today. So let’s take from the past and combine this with the virtue, integrity, and spiritual learnings of today so that we can develop an even more precise, more caring, and attentive ideal for each individual child. The arts, music, movement, nature, playtime, and exploration are fundamental in the spirit of our children, of Who We Are – of where we are going and the future we want and the future that is being given to us!"

Second excerpt:

"It is quite absurd to conceive the notion and accept the belief that our educational system will flourish and prosper when grades are the indicating factor of success; test scores dictate the movement of money to schools; faster, quicker, and more material are thrown to the students in the misconceived hope, erroneous expectations, and mistaken belief that we are producing a country ready to succeed in the future. To this I say: May our successes be in love, joy, and peace. All other successes are an illusion of the distorted mind."

Third excerpt:

"The idea, the trick, is that we adults must adapt to the incoming souls – the children among us. Not the other way around, that children must adapt to the world that adults have created. In particular to schooling, we adults must adapt our teaching ways to the new abilities and the ways of the children, which is quite different than what we currently have in place. These changes need to be done quickly, as if continued, they can have long-term disturbing effects on the children."

The above excerpts are from my book Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand, from the chapter titled Knowledge. This link provides a glimpse into some of the subtle movements that will shake our world and create a new education system for our children.



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