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Unconditionally love your partner or loved ones

MWL Mar. 6, 2014

"Unconditionally love your partner or loved ones." What does this mean? How do we actually express our love unconditionally to those closest to us particularly when we have major differences or we are not in agreement with our loved one in fundamental and major areas that affect our daily lives? What about when this loved one is your dependent child or teenager?

I have been working with these thoughts for the last four years. How do we express unconditional love to our loved ones, to others, to humanity, and yet not lose ourselves? Part of my work has been trying to combine the higher learning and knowledge given to me with what I can actually do at a mental and emotional level on this earthly plane. Maneuvering these boundaries can be tricky for me, but I am learning. I would love to hear your discoveries in balancing these boundaries and what has worked for you.


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