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My name is Lizette Rodriguez and my work is that of a Medicine Woman for and of the Times.

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May all your successes

be in the realm of ​ ​

love, joy, and peace


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Lizette has been studying for over 30 years with Dr. Estrada, a medical and metaphysical doctor and a living Bodhisattva of the Venerable Master, Hermes Tyr Iadou. Dr. Estrada’s medical practice is located in Bogota, Colombia, which is also Lizette’s motherland. Both Dr. Estrada and Lizette work alongside the Logos, acting as a springboard and catalyst for our current evolution, an exciting yet considerable task at these times. A new light configuration has emerged and is manifesting its complete radiance and structure. Her goal is to encourage and support an increase of awareness between this manifesting light configuration and the opportunities for spiritual growth and overall health and balance. 

Lizette is psychic and intuitive and has studied palmistry, dreamwork, astrology, the martial arts, as well as the works of Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet. During this lifetime, she has experienced a gravitational pull toward esoteric, Spiritual and metaphysical studies, along with an intense curiosity, wonder, and love for nature and animals. From a very young age, she developed a deep desire to understand God’s mind, heal with her hands and to be of service to God and others.

Whatever your health, mental, emotional or Spiritual goals may be, know that Lizette offers herself as the instrument through which Spirit manifests the opportunity for healing, balance, and growth. 

Lizette's Story


As a child, I would lay hands on people and animals and try to heal them. All my interests, studies, and spiritual practices I applied for over forty years culminated in an incredible mystical journey that commenced in 2005. 


I walked the steps of the Wounded Healer Archetype into this mystical and rigorous journey of the Dark Night of the Soul. Soon after, a challenging initiation into the world of the Medicine Woman ensued. It was a solo initiation in the upper, inner, and underworlds, from which I brought back the alliances, knowledge, and gifts I share with others. Internally, I employ Snake Medicine as communicator and Spider Medicine as creator/weaver. These two Spiritual and metaphysical medicines work side by side--one vertically, the other horizontally.


I have compiled various inspirational quotes, thoughts, and poems about this journey in my first book, Life Is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand. I explain a bit more about my journey and experiences including an accumulation of 7 years worth of knowledge from these incredible and enlightening years. Open to any page and find inspiration, comfort, guidance, higher truths, and uplifting light and joy. My book provides a door through which you can enter to discover parts of Who You Are and it is currently available on Amazon.    

I intend to activate that existing spark within each of you that propels us to move forward in the direction of Self-Discovery. This work is accomplished through Self-exploration of our internal worlds. Part of that exploration is the call to understand our thoughts and emotions at a closer and more intimate level. We need to become intimate with ourselves because it is through this intimacy with ourselves that we can get to know and understand ourselves. In understanding ourselves we understand others. In understanding others, we begin with the music, the dance, and the chain of peace in the world. This is the importance of Self-Discovery.

The Metaphysical & Spiritual Life Coaching and Ceremonial Healing Sessions I offer, present the opportunity for anyone to begin the journey of Self-Discovery and Healing. You are encouraged to travel the route of being a conscious student in Life, to tap into your memory and recall that we are each a piece of the puzzle in providing light toward the path of World Peace, to reclaim your power, uniqueness, diversity and strength, and to unite within yourselve first and thus, in turn, open and lead the way toward uniting with others.


Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Four years ago, ever so subtly yet forcefully, I started another step in my initiation process. I call it my Spiritual Quarantine (because it was literally). I also call it my Medicine Woman “upgrade”, as it was such on a metaphysical level. It took me about a year to decipher and comprehend what was starting to occur. I then went into a full-blown Spiritual Quarantine for 3 years, two of which I could hardly speak, and one year where I could not speak at all. Nothing physical, all metaphysical. Needless to say, under the circumstances, all I could do was attend as best as I could to the Life lessons thrown at me, and 90% of earthly living had to be set aside. I rested in a void in-between worlds and in a metaphysical space/time bubble conducive to the arduous lessons, learning, upgrading, and incredible experiences lived. Once again, this was an intense inner mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical process with its own agenda, force, and direction.


For the past year, my Spiritual Quarantine has been steadily opening up and I am resuming more and more of my earthly activities, including relaunching my Medicine Woman Speaks website and MWS monthly newsletter. 


I look forward to bringing my piece of joy and love to our world. I know that together we will build a new story for our future, for our life and the greatest story ever written will have the happiest of endings. Hallelujah!

From Lizette


I view Life as a school, and earth as a classroom. I see myself as that teacher that combines the Montessori Teaching concepts and the Jeet Kune Do philosophy, both in my life and in working with students.

I want to join the ranks of love as an artist, poet, and mystic; I want to sit at the throne as Queen of my Kingdom, and to deliver works of beauty, art, song, and magic.  

As such, my ideal  is to be an instrument of encouragement for healing, love, joy, peace, and a contributor to awaking the spark of consciousness for our brothers and sisters.

My vision is to immerse in the sea of love and to swim flirtatiously with the vast ocean of consciousness with all the lovers of Time and Life, so that we can dance passionately between and in between our hearts, and together believe once more, together dream again, and once and for all, together create that New World of Goodwill, of brotherhood, beauty, joy, and Total Encompassing Love. 

My Ideal

IV   MWL PRAYER - 2021

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