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Welcome and Greetings to All!

This is my main blog and here you will find all category posts to help you expand your consciousness and awareness. You will also find tools to help you navigate these incredible and critical times of change, growth, and transformation that are appropriate for these times, that is the Age of the Light Configuration of Aquarius.  

We all seek peace of mind and peace of soul, and as such, I look forward to providing light, encouragement, inspirational, loving, joyful, contemplative material to assist in your growth. I hope the Metaphysical and Esoteric knowledge, information, and exercises push you deeper, and wider into discovering and understanding Who You Are and Who We Are. 

May this material also provide food for thought and a guiding light to building peace, love, and joy for the New World that is among us.

My love and joy

July 26, 2022

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