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I am delighted to introduce you to my apprentice Dominica. 


Dominica started doing weekly sessions with me 3 years ago and has been studying as an apprentice for a year now.


Her dedication, effort, and work toward being a conscious Life Student and her desire to continually push to awaken consciousness further while fortifying her emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies, are admirable.

Dominica will be sharing her knowledge, thoughts, experiences, and discoveries through various posts and MWS newsletter articles. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to read her Sexual Arts-Breast Massage article in the July 2023 newsletter.


I'm excited to see her continue to expand as she moves forward in her Apprenticeship and Life Studies and to be of service and help others as she so passionately desires.


We are both committed to continue teaching, sharing, and to also learn from you.


My love and joy, MWL

June 2023

Dominica Smith


May. 8, 2023


I had the pleasure of meeting Lizette while working as a waitress in Northern Wisconsin after a long hiatus living in my father's home state of Iowa. It was a chance encounter, but one that left a profound impact on me. Lizette, accompanied by her daughter, engaged me in a conversation that etched itself deeply into my memory. One particular statement resonated profoundly within me: "Do not dwell on what you have not done. Instead, focus on what you have accomplished, and you will realize it is more than you think."

Although our acquaintance was brief, Lizette's impact continued to reverberate long after our encounter. We exchanged contact information and had sporadic phone conversations over the following months. However, as time passed, our connection gradually faded, and I often found myself gazing at Lizette's phone number scribbled on a Post-It note. For over a decade, I contemplated reaching out but never felt it to be the right time.

Through the ebb and flow of life's many phases, the memory of our meeting resurfaced intermittently. Finally, in the spring of 2020, I mustered the courage to call her and leave a message. I didn't expect to hear back from her for a long time, but to my surprise, she called me back sooner than I had anticipated. It was then in the act of calling her and us speaking again, that I truly comprehended the far-reaching impact our chance encounter from years ago had on my life. Lizette's advice deepened my belief in the concept of soul contracts, and our brief yet marked interaction provided me with a moment of clarity, enabling me to examine my other relationships, interactions, and observations from an entirely different perspective.

In the labyrinth of life, where twists and turns abound, I now navigate with a newfound purpose. I release the weight of unfulfilled dreams and embrace the radiance of my accomplishments thus far. The present moment becomes my sanctuary, where I find solace in appreciation and bask in the brilliance of what is.

In retrospect, this connection with Lizette was meant to be, and I am grateful for the lasting impact she has had on my journey. Her words of wisdom continue to guide me to this day, serving as a constant reminder to focus on the positive aspects of my life and to appreciate all that I have accomplished rather than dwelling on what I have yet to achieve.

Our Meeting
My Story


This journey has been a profound self-inquiry and one of questioning the narratives I once believed about myself and the world. By questioning and contemplating these narratives, I have learned to treat others and myself with kindness, empathy, and understanding, recognizing that love and recognition are essential aspects of our human experience. I have learned to embrace vulnerability, question societal narratives, and honor the interconnectedness of all things. I have triumphed over the limitations imposed by judgments and learned to embrace the sacred truth that beauty radiates from within. I have gained insights into the higher meaning of my life experiences, and I have come to accept and release the past while opening myself to new possibilities.


Over the past three years, I have embarked on a soul-stirring quest of Self-Discovery, guided by the wisdom of a revered Medicine Woman, Lizette Rodriguez. Through her sacred teachings and divine mentorship, I have delved into a transformative odyssey of Self-Discovery. With a tremendous thirst for understanding, I dive into and explore the depths of my Being.




My awakening has been gradually unfolding in the background since a young age. I have discovered that I possess unique sensitivities, such as hearing melodies within spaces and sensing the thoughts and emotions of others. We all have inherent gifts and abilities, often without fully understanding the purpose or power they hold. Guided by this understanding, I learned to embrace my wounds as portals of initiation, alchemizing pain into wisdom and transmuting fear into unshakable sovereignty.

At the heart of my journey lies the exploration of the Divine Feminine energies that flow within me, emanating from the sacred womb of creation. I have learned to honor and cultivate a sacred relationship with my body, mind, and spirit, creating a harmonious integration of my entire Being with reverence and awe. I have come to understand the profound wisdom of Tantra and the mystique of conscious sexuality. Within this sacred sanctuary with my Beloved, I have unlocked the transformative power of authentic connection and vulnerability. Together, we create a sanctuary where our souls harmonize, resonating with the profound melodies of love that reverberate within the deepest chambers of our Being.

Through the ancient arts of ritual and ceremony, I have come to understand the potent power of intention, prayer, and connection to the natural world. I have learned to honor the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and the elements, weaving their mystic wisdom into the tapestry of my Being. I have danced in ecstatic trance, chanted mantras, and called upon the guidance of Spirit Allies in moments of profound communion with the unseen realms.​

With deep gratitude for the blessings of Lizette's guidance and the unwavering support of the Divine, I feel empowered to continue my priestess journey of sovereignty with an open heart and a reverent spirit. I am dedicated to continue exploring the depths of my true self and embracing the ever-unfolding mysteries of life. As I step into my priestesshood, I eagerly embrace the infinite possibilities and co-create a world imbued with sacredness, beauty, and love.​



I have felt a deep-seated calling to serve as a space holder for others as they navigate their journey of Self-Discovery and exploration. I create a safe and supportive environment, embracing each individual's unique gifts and abilities so that each can explore their inner landscapes and uncover the depths of their Being. No one is supposed to embark on this journey alone; through connection and support, one can unravel the mysteries of ourselves and the world around us. With compassionate presence, the unraveling of the layers of our existence and stepping into our true selves becomes possible. Creating community and relationships helps us grow and see ourselves from other perspectives. 

I have also been privileged to facilitate Life and Death Transition Sessions, holding space for individuals as they navigate the remarkable experiences of death and birth with reverence and compassion. With Lizette's guidance and teachings, it is my goal to continue assisting with Life Coaching and Ceremonial Healing Sessions, to offer recorded meditations to guide others on their inner journey, facilitating deep relaxation, self-reflection, and transformation. I am also dedicated to continuing my path of self-evolution while embracing my role as a space holder with reverence, empathy, and authenticity.



The Choices to Make


Changing with only a pivot

Gazing upon it all

Only seeing grace

Rising over the horizon of struggle

Walking further to find oneself

Never to have been lost

The terrain of the path you choose

Never known until you walk it

Grateful for your feet

Hold on but not too tight

For you may fall 

Only to rise again

To master the feeling of what is not known



Upon Waking 


When I opened my eyes

Still hazed by slumber

Grazing my hand across my lover's skin

Invoked smile

Curling up melting in the softness of your sigh

As you reached pulling me closer

Breathing at this moment

I invite surrender with full trust

You and I are free

Living in rhythm



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