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MWS Apr. 2024 Newsletter

Category's for this month's newsletter are:

Greetings: Wonderful Practice

Ceremonial Healing Session: Wanting to Awaken Consciousness?

Apprentice Insights: Living With Uncertainty

Quote for the Moment: I Know I May Not See 

Edgar Cayce Reading: #1982 - 2

A Poetic Thread to Ponder: I've Been the Extremes

MWS Prayer: Give Me the Strength to Confront 

Spider-Woman Notions: Why Are You Here?

Questions for the Soul: How Do We Come Together in the Midst of Chaos

Mastering the Zodiac Signs: Aries - Taurus

Sexual Arts - Animal Totems

Potpourri: World Events - Macro and Wide Lens View

Some of my Favorite Things - Olbas Blend Inhaler

Book Recommendation - Furry Logic - Jane Seabrook

May this information help you to navigate your Spiritual Adolescence 

with confidence, joy and love so you may reach 

Spiritual adulthood with all its brilliance.

Share with others who desire to embark on a journey of awareness, of mind and soul expansion, and who seek to join hands to

bring alignment, peace, and joy to the world. 

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