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Welcome to MWS

July 2023 Newsletter

In the Greetings section I present a few techniques to help you deal with feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated, an expected result due to the increase in the light configuration frequency hitting Earth, and the amount of information, and speed of change currently occurring.


You will also find the usual categories of: Quote for the Moment, Edgar Cayce Reading, a Poetic Thread to Ponder, MWS Prayer, Spider-Woman Notions and Questions for the Soul articles, and The Ceremonial Healing Session topic refers to those individuals in a coma. In addition, I introduce my lovely Apprentice Dominica.


In the Sexual Arts section, my apprentice talks about breast massage; Spiritual Warrior Corner visits the topic of extraterrestrials; The Health article deals with detox; I have a great article on Laughter-Medicine for the Soul, and Funny Videos to view; and as usual, the categories Some of my Favorite Things and Book Recommendation are included as well.


May this information help you to navigate your Spiritual Adolescence 

with confidence, joy and love so you may reach 

Spiritual adulthood with all its brilliance.

Share with others who desire to embark on a journey of awareness, of mind and soul expansion, and who seek to join hands to

bring alignment, peace, and joy to the world. 

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