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Welcome to MWS Quarterly Newsletter!

Jul. 2024

In the Greetings section, I encourage you to keep to the daily inner work, practices and exercises to further discover Who You Are and to fortify your mental and emotional bodies, all so crucial at these times.

You will also find these headliners: Quote for the Moment, Edgar Cayce Reading, a Poetic Thread to Ponder, MWS Prayer, Knowledge for the SoulQuestions for the Soul and Mastering the Zodiac Signs articles. This month, the Ceremonial Healing Session topic refers to those experiencing Parkinson's.


For the Sexual Arts Article, Dominica talks about The Art of Flirting, along with separate articles titled Mirror Work and Apprentice Insights. And remember to check out Some of my Favorite Things and Book Recommendation as well.


May this information help you to navigate your Spiritual Adolescence 

with confidence, joy and love so you may reach 

Spiritual adulthood with all its brilliance.

Share with others who desire to embark on a journey of awareness, of mind and soul expansion, and who seek to join hands to

bring alignment, peace, and joy to the world. 

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