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My intent is to activate that existing spark within each of you that propels us to move forward and awaken consciousness through Self-Discovery. This work is accomplished through Self-exploration of our internal worlds. Part of that exploration is the call to understand our innermost thoughts, emotions, and Selves at a more intimate level. We need to become intimate with our Selves, because in understanding our Selves we understand others. In understanding others, we begin the music, the dance, and the chain of peace in the world. This is the importance of awakening consciousness, finding our truth, and meeting ourselves through Self-Discovery.

Self discovery


You can’t stop love,

It will triumph.

You can’t stop peace,

It will conquer.

You can’t stop joy,

It will seize the day!


MWL  DEC 2021 


MWS–Movement: Awakening consciousness to Who We Are and promoting world peace, one person at a time.

Your inner potential is ripe to create tremendous change within and outside our world. The moment is NOW to rise and greet your potential, purpose and gifts in life, to then build our future and the New World that is revealing itself.

This Movement is a path where we must combine energies and forces to usher in the incredible shift that is emerging. After all, we can only be as strong as the most delicate link between us.

Here we take steps towards making a difference in the world.

Here is where we move from believing in God to knowing God; where we seek and strive to incorporate, encompass and deliver compassion and understanding, where the tone is an ideal state of Being with love at its pinnacle in the brotherhood of inclusiveness, moving away from exclusiveness.

Whereas for love, sacrifice is a gift of joy. Here sacrifice moves away from unnecessary obliteration and diminishing, and we open the way for accentuating unity and expansion among us; here we employ faith as a conviction and establish an inner knowing that for today's game, confidence in the workings of life, the universe, and of Spirit are solid and necessary; and here we release, give up, let die what no longer belongs to us in the realm of fear and in the struggle to survive and we exchange it for integrating with the Divine and living with peace of mind and of the soul; foremost, here power is dominion over the self in the Spirit of Love, instead of power over another in the spirit of enslavement.

The question is, what price are you willing to pay for peace, and is that price in alignment with Who We Are?

Join me

Join me in this mission.

Join me in a race through time

and be an active work of creation!

Touch the dream within the writings of your heart-

be the words that flow endlessly

through the pages of your life-

and live the greatest story ever told, because...

With your expression of true love, 

true words and true actions...

You become the piece of the puzzle 

that joins to create peace

in the world.

One man spoke these words

that were written upon time. 

These words NOW are indicative and to be

applied on a level of Freedom for the 

individual Soul and the Human Spirit.

I have a dream

that has been drummed before.

It is a dream of love and joy, 

where God’s children

will sing together-

“Free at last,

free at last,

thank God Almighty

we are free at last."

Segment from Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand


If this sparks your interest and moves your soul- come my way and let’s follow this path together... one step at a time, creating and establishing peace in the world… and remember, it begins with YOU!


More information on group session availability for this specific work will be forthcoming. Subscribe with your e-mail address at the bottom of any page to receive upcoming notifications for group sessions, MWS-Movement happenings, newsletter, information and general announcements.. 

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