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Edgar Cayce Readings

Known as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce was able to retrieve information and knowledge from the upper realms under a hypnotic stage of sorts.

His material has been essential for my spiritual process and path ever since a friend introduced me to his work over 35 years ago. Having integrated the aspects of his information that personally resonated has opened doors for me to higher knowledge.

I am also ever so grateful and delirious in joy and gratitude to have had him appointed as the one in charge of my initiation process for the last 16 years.   


I wish that you find much guidance in his words and material. 

My love and Joy.   

July 26, 2022

Check out the Edgar Cayce website for an incredible amount of information that includes his readings, life and work, Mind–Body–Spirit topics, program and events, Spiritual Study Groups, services, a Health Center and Spa (where many years ago I had a wonderful massage along with a castor oil pack) and so much more.


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