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Life is Beautiful:
A book for every soul that seeks to expand

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First revised edition is now available 

Life is Beautiful is a compilation of various quotes, poems, snippets, revelations, and higher truths. This material emerged as Lizette lived an amazing journey through the Dark Night of the Soul and a mystical, esoteric, and metaphysical initiation into the world of the Medicine Woman.


This book is the product of intense moments, insight, awareness, experience, and understanding. The purpose for Lizette was to discover and enter a new realm into "Who am I?" and "What am I?". May the purpose extend to the discovery of Who You Are, Who We Are, and where this discovery will lead us. This book encourages you to be an active work of creation; to touch the dream within the writings of your heart so you can live the GREATEST STORY ever told! 

Book Comments

"I've been enjoying the book,  I like opening it at random to see the messages and then sit with it for a bit.   I do that with other books too , this one really is perfect for this.   I'm going to enjoy this book for a long time.   ...couldn't be anything better than to enrich spiritually. the insights and contemplation is good for the soul."  By Karen Coleman Apr. 2023

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"I just finished reading your very soulful book. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement brought through your very courageous journey! You share profound wisdom and truth spoken with such poetic articulation about the mysteries of life, God, and our ever evolving humanity. The New World is upon us, indeed! You provide uniquely powerful guidance, truly a gift to the world.


There are sooo many jewels and gems within this, I’ll be re-reading knowing that more and more will highlight themselves for me. I adore the MLK speech at the end, a beautiful summary of what we seek. So much of what you write sparks excitement for me, and here is one truth which you wrote which I especially love—


The instant of the moment caught

In the blink of an eye—

Can change the world within

And the world outside.


Amen! Present time is magic. 


... “Changing from within…” Yep, that’s the ticket to creating change in our lives, and in the world! ...We are so on the same page! 


It brought me the medicines of peace and joy, for sure, a very healing journey. And lots of food for thought from the soul buffet :)

Infinite Love, Peace, and Joy to you..." Alex Feb. 2023

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