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Andrea Raila from Raila & Associates in Chicago has made a donation toward CANCER SESSIONS. If you or someone you know is experiencing cancer, the opportunity to have 2-one-hour sessions at a significantly discounted rate is available. 7 slots open for those in need of this monetary assistance. 

The standard session fee is $125/hour. The discounted fee for 2-one-hour Cancer Sessions is a total of $110. That is a discount of $140. Thank you Andrea Raila & Associates for this generous donation. 

Contact MW Lizette for more information on this assistance.


If you're experiencing cancer, these sessions are a great addition to your care whether you decide to follow allopathic or alternative treatment.

Metaphysically speaking, many cancers are brought about by some type of internal war manifestation due to disruption and incommunicado between and within the internal communication system of the Soul, Spirit, Mental, Emotional, and/or Physical body.

Our goal here is to bring inner awareness, authentic communication, alignment, and changes to the different aspects and components of Who We Are, thus achieving and manifesting the desired balance for the physical body.

Session Sign-Up

Sign-up and schedule your sessions with a phone call to MW Lizette at 773-527-0326, 24/7 and/or email her with a callback number, your time zone and the best time to reach you at Phone calls will be returned ASAP between 9 am-7 pm, Monday-Saturday. NO TEXT, NO WHATSAPP.

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