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Book Recommendation: 10 Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess up Their Relationships

MWL Oct. 27, 2023

Dr. Laura Schelessinger has written some of the most psychological, common-sense, on-target books I have read that address the relationship with our significant other, ourselves, and our family.

She has tapped into the psyche of the "Children of this Realm” - that is, us, children of Mother Earth with our psychological abilities and capabilities based on our current development and evolutionary process.

Her books push us to attend to and work our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and to bring them into a sphere of balance and alignment. She brings the awareness to contemplation, to be aware of our thoughts, desires, and actions, and to have the foresight into the realm of consequences when dealing with relationships.

While I agree to a great degree with her philosophy, ideas, and teachings, there is an area she was adamant about, at least 20 years ago, and I'm not sure if she still takes this stance, and that is to only enter into the sexual act once married. I move away from that recommendation for various reasons, but I do advocate allowing a good amount of time for the couple to get to know each other during the early dating stage with the intention and purpose of not jumping into bed right away.

It's essential to allow the time to let the energetic bonds of the mental, emotional, casual, and spiritual bodies and even the karmic bonds reveal themselves consciously and/or unconsciously. It's important to let certain inner metaphysical aspects take hold and cement to a certain degree before moving into the Sexual Arts, otherwise, things can get messy and difficult right away or creep up later on. This is due to the magnitude of unconscious, unseen energetic internal arrangements and agreements occurring and being shifted; the state and level of each individual's consciousness, emotional and relationship intelligence, common sense, and psyche health; and let's not forget that amorous relationships hold the opportunity for an array of lessons to arise so they can be acknowledged and worked with both individually and as a couple.

In addition, it's important to move to levels of truly caring for oneself, the other person, and the relationship while wanting the highest good for this trio. Taming and managing the sexual impulses and magnetic forces of attraction, and keeping the urges of "I want it now" is a must when these euphoric, imperial feelings of Total Encompassing in Love, Will Last Forever Moments arise. It's important to do this so you can build a firm foundation in your relationship and navigate it with mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Moving with equilibrium and wisdom, particularly in the early stages of dating, is an art of delicate balance. It does take a certain desire to want to be relationship savvy, emotionally intelligent and to have the willpower to allow the time for the foundation of the relationship to solidify before opening the chambers to the most powerful, sublime of forces and gifts given to man.

Happy Learnings!


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