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Covid - Natural, Holistic Support

MWL Jan. 22, 2022

Covid-19 - Natural, holistic Support to keep in mind during this pandemic that may help with COVID prevention and/or if you are experiencing COVID. Always check with your practitioner and your internal guidance and intuition system before employing any of the suggested support items.

It is imperative that we align to Who We Are and align our thoughts, words, and actions. This is the constant work requirement and conscious self-assessment each one must consistently do and certainly, it’s the duty of those on the path of the Spiritual Light Warrior. Remember, our world is changing and it certainly will continue to change in monumental steps. Release the concept of returning to normal, as this no longer applies to this stage of Mother Earth's Spiritual Adolescence, in which she and all of her children are in. All is and will continue to encompass tremendous growth and new circumstances and events. Onward on our journey!

So, let's review in a nutshell this alignment with respect to Covid-19 and some of my Medicine Bag items that can be useful during Covid.

First, we must acknowledge this force, its workings, and the reality of the realm of this virus and take the necessary precautions:

1. Wear a mask whenever outdoors or around people covering both the nose and mouth.

2. Wash hands as recommended by the medical field.

3. It's imperative to understand at some level the health hazards and effects of certain man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and to take appropriate action to protect ourselves the best we can against these frequencies to keep ourselves healthy.

Scientists, doctors, and other experts in the field of EMFs advocate doing all that is possible to reduce these types of EMF bombardment and overload in your home environment, as these wavelengths are not recognized by our biology and are deteriorating our health and immune system. Start by deactivating Wi-Fi and connecting to your Internet via hardwire cable. You will probably need to call your Internet provider to do the switch and you'll need the proper cables, keeping in mind that they are long enough so that the modem is far away from you. In addition, and just as important is to avoid all Bluetooth smart devices and appliances. Equally important, DO NOT place cell phones on your body, since these devices are constantly emitting radiation.

Remember, we are electromagnetic entities and these man-made wavelengths are causing major havoc on our biology. For more information, facts, and true science on how EMFs are negatively impacting our energetic, physical, mental, and emotional bodies, start by educating yourself on the health hazards and solutions regarding man-made EMFs. Here are some great website links to start with:

4. It's essential that you are breathing properly so that your Body/Mind/Spirit is in alignment and can obtain optimum internal force and overall health.

Here is a video to help you get started with breathing properly for your health.

5. Diet. This is an extensive subject, but for starters:

*Eat as many organic foods as possible

*Delete from your diet all pop

*Remove or limit dairy products

*Delete fried items completely

*Delete all pastries and desserts from your diet

*Keep fruits & vegetables separate in your diet as is also recommended by Edgar Cayce.

*Avoid mixing fruits with starches or milk products (ie, avoid strawberries, cranberries, etc with cereals, breads, pastas, etc.)

6. Olbas Aromatherapy Blend Inhaler. One of my essential holistic home First Aid Kit items.

7. Olbas Aromatherapy Oil. Place tissue into the top opening of a bottle and add a drop to the tissue 2 or 3 times per day (not necessary every day) or put a few drops in your aromatherapy diffuser as needed.

8. Nutribiotic maximum GSE. Add a drop to 8 oz of water and gargle after coming in from the outside or at other appropriate times. Read instructions thoroughly before use as there are precautions with this potent & concentrated grape seed extract. Excellent for sore throats and for phlegm. This is also one of my essential holistic home First Aid Kit items.

9. Olbas and/or Zand menthal lozenges. Excelent product!

10. Consider carrying an Edgar Cayce "cold coin" with you.

11. Carry and/or energetically work with the mineral gem Pyrite.

12. To help relieve body pain and reduce stress, try out The Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone. I have found this method to be simple, easy, and quite effective.

13. There are physical and metaphysical reasons and great significance as to why you would want to avoid the sun as much as possible when getting any type of vaccine. This applies to everyone, infants, children, adults, seniors, and includes pets when they get their shots. So, if you get the Covid vaccine, avoid mixing the energy of the sun for about three days after and at least 24 hours prior to getting this or any other vaccine. In addition, limit any unnecessary heavy exercise or activity for a day, two or more after the shot. Avoiding sun exposure also applies anytime when you’re feeling ill.

14. Another essential First Aid Kit product is Soothing Touch Extra Strength Sore Muscle Gel. You can use this gel as a chest rub when having congestion/lung issues, besides using it for achy sore muscles.

As always, use common sense, especially if you are experiencing COVID. Remember to also check with your internal guidance system and knowledge along with your holistic HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER regarding any of these products. Seek medical attention when needed as there is a time and a place for everything.

Having taken the most reasonable precautions under the circumstances, put yourself in God's Hands and move forward!

My love & joy

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash


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