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Edgar Cayce Reading 707-1: Centered

Mar. 31, 2010

Think on This ...

. . . if thou art centered in Him, then be not afraid! Yea, He has walked the streets with the rabble and has seen the flowing of the blessings that may come through making self humble! Yea, in the face and in the power of those that might save the body, He gave: "There is no power save that Creative Force we call God may give," that the soul may be raised, may be washed, may be white, may be cleansed that it may be in the presence of the Maker Himself! Art thou choosing this way?

As many may know, what Edgar Cayce brought through His instrument body - the words - the connections - the spheres of possibilities - the pieces of the puzzle to the way, the path to a richer understanding of God and His working... have had an incredible impact on my life for the last 25 years. In those times of great entrance into the dungeon of fear as I walked through my initiation - the words Edgar captured, I hung on to them tightly and dearly. I even with some of his received words to pass my entrance into the realms. I answered them with my heart - with the breath of the heart. May you do the same.


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