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Edgar Cayce "Think on This" Reading 397-1

Originally posted on Nov. 11, 2014

Think on This...

. . . in thine own heart there comes those things that would make afraid. But fear is of the earth. The spirit of truth and righteousness casteth out fear.

Edgar Cayce, Reading 397-1

From my experience, in my walk through the Dark Night of the Soul and my initiation as a Medicine Woman, I walked through that plane where fear is detached. For about six months, I walked without the bubble of fear attached to my mental, emotional and physical body. It truly is a release and a freedom that has unspoken words to share. This is what we all strive for -- for mental peace and freedom from the swirls of the winds of fear from this abyss of the earth. I can attest and say, and speak, that one can live within the swirls of time and space here on earth and yet maintain the freedom and the peace of the mind. One becomes a little atom that becomes unaffected by the magnetic poles, pulls and tugs, of everything around us. My goal is to take my experiences, put them into words, and teach through workshops how to ascend the mountain of internal freedom.


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