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MWL Dec. 15, 2014

It's a beautiful moment.

It has been a long and arduous journey

filled with the tempest of storms --

experienced with the strangest of winds --

lived with the most fervent and exacting of emotions.

However, I have fevered these childish crushes towards

the destruction of my inner light...

this Self of enormous magnitude of Being.

I have learned instead to tower on into the space of events

that are of calm sea, calm love, calm rejoice and steady streams

of winds that smooth the tempers of the lullaby song in my mind.

I am old enough now --

to take on the reins of this realm and maneuver my chariot of love,

not towards inward built-up pain leaning towards satisfaction

of the moment's savory likes of the mental body or emotional mind...

but instead with calm patience, pushing for His light and path,

to push through and create the template of another lived story of true love.

-- Indeed, a beautiful moment!


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