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My Journey with Spider Medicine

MWL Sept. 11, 2009

My initiation was intense on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. This intense period lasted about 2 years, 24/7. At the start, I went through a 16-hour, non-stop snake initiation that I experienced in a very physical awake level. At this point, I also awakened the 4 directions within myself and met with the past, present, and future. For about 4 months, I experienced the void where my emotional body was in a state of suspension, or neutral. My feelings and emotional body were in a void, and a vast expansion of space was felt. Through the mind, one becomes an observer of the experience. I became one in all, and all was one within myself.

It was an optimum state of understanding the perfection of the moment; no twig, no hair, no thought, no words, no emotion, no action anywhere in the universe is out of context nor out of place. All is where it is.

In the void, I also understood how any thought, word, movement, or action extends into the universe. During this time I met my native Indian guides from a higher realm, with whom I continue to work today, and I formed alliances with the animal totem consciousness, the Egyptian Initiates, and the flower, plant, gem, and crystal kingdom. I did some amazing work with energy and my hands at the time on the physical level, which at some other time I will go into.

In addition, I was shown the underworld and my planetary guides were the ones that informed me that I was known as a Medicine Woman in their realm, specifically working with Spider Medicine. You see, I was using Spider Medicine before I fully understood the concept.

All I knew and what I could feel, was that I was tapping into and working with what I called "strings." They are inside of us and outside of us and connect us to everything. Working with clients, I felt the bringing in of the past and aligning it with the present and future. I was also writing "in the air", which I later realized I was writing in the Astral Agreement Books.

In the Native American myth, Spider-Woman works with exactly all these elements. She is Weaver/Creator, keeper of the alphabet and the written word, and she deals with the past, present, and future. She is the builder of the intricate web that connects all.

From these experiences and passages, I emerged with these gifts to assist others in balancing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of their Being. I also assist those who find it difficult to keep to the physical aspects of life, as sometimes happens when we travel unprepared to the upper realms and we forget to acknowledge our third-dimensional, horizontal level of Earth's present life.

Earth's present life- what does that mean? As we approach the new light configuration occurring in 2012, the horizontal (earth plane) level of consciousness is rising to a higher level on the vertical level (higher communication plane.) Right now our conscious and unconscious selves are converging to a higher level. While in this process, this can confuse. It can feel as if we're existing in several different realities at once.

For example, I had a client who came to me in emotional distress because she loved a man very much, and yet he wanted to be only friends. The problem was this woman knew that this man truly loved her on a higher level, because she could actually feel his astral body caress her, hug her and kiss her. This is an example of the confusion that can arise from experiencing different levels of consciousness. I understood the woman and knew her experiences were real, and I made her aware that he spoke the truth at both levels. At his higher level, he was living his reality where he loved her and expressed it- that is when she felt his love. He also spoke his truth on the more dense, physical level, where he did not want any romantic relationship with her. I advised her that it was very important to use the physical word and his physical actions as guidance, otherwise her confusion would continue. The higher level of reality of that relationship would not work because he was not in touch with his consciousness or emotions on that level.

In a session, I communicate the visions, symbols, and information that I hear. Guided by the Knowledge of Spider, (the creator weaver of life, the builder of the Matrix, the Hologram, the Web of Life, String Theory, or whatever name you know it by,) Spirit will weave the necessary adjustments for you at the moment. These symbols and images and all that I bring to the forefront for you are what you take to work with and to recall who you are. They are the stepping stones for you to build the path to bridging the conscious and unconscious, the past, the present, and the future.

Love and Joy - Lizette


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