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Rooted solidly to a belief is admirable

MWL Feb. 10, 2010

These times and the moments to come can be particularly difficult to accept, to master the lesson, to comprehend, and to move to the next grade level for those who are firmly attached to a particular religion without the flexibility of movement. Rooted solidly to a belief is admirable and has its place. Being unable to bend with the winds from the root up can topple the tree and even break it in half. Bending like bamboo to the winds of life provides compact and solid mobility within the currents and flow of life. Are you so fixed in your religious beliefs set by the Sons of Man? If so, there is much to learn, to review, and to clarify in this area. It is time to repair and build upon the cracking foundation. Begin to understand that the Sons of Man are but children, and as such, they do as children do. The child embellishes the story for they know not as of yet that the made-up reality outside their head is separate from the made-up reality inside their head. And as such, because of this confusion, which is a natural process in a child, the stories change and are told from a child's perspective.

So what do we do if we evaluate ourselves and find we are locked quite rigidly in our domesticated, taught, and learned religious beliefs? We awaken the aspect of The Son of God within us. You see, we are made up of both aspects. Listen, for the Son of God is awakening from its slumber.

My love and joy to you.


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