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Sexual Arts: Animal Totems

MWL Feb. 10, 2024

By Dominica Smith - MWS Apprentice

In the early hours, as I stirred from slumber and extended my hand toward Michael, the enveloping warmth of the bed covers made its impression upon my skin. Sensing this surge of vitality coursing through my heart, ignited by the solar radiance filtering through the partially drawn shade, my gaze fixed upon him, inspiring a desire to enfold and draw near. I tenderly caressed him while planting kisses on his neck, inhaling the nuanced notes of his scent. A pleasurable exhalation, tinged with satisfaction accompanied the opening of myself to the moment, creating a symphony of my senses.  

He awoke, kissing me deeply, and we braided our bodies and melded together. Feeling our breath, feeling his openness, this colliding of waters, the flowing of two rivers converging and flowing into one stream. Amid passionate moans and the liberating release of all control, I discover profound gratitude, immersed in the depth of his embrace. As he holds me, I surrender, allowing him to support my body and gently sway me close feeling entirely cradled, connected to the seat of my soul. We dance together, our breaths intertwining in a rhythmic exchange of giving and receiving. Laughter becomes a fountain of joy, springing forth and opening our hearts to the vast universe, limitless in its potential for energy to flow freely. 

As I reached orgasm, I saw light speeding by me as if I were traveling through the galaxy in space. It felt like I could travel anywhere: the past, the present, the future. As I entered what seemed to feel like a ray of energy, a frequency, a Being from the animal kingdom came into view. Then came upon this darkness, this wet feeling; I smelt dirt. It wasn't unpleasant. I saw clear round eggs and them hatching. I heard crawling sounds and liquid moving. I then saw ants tending to the Queen. It was like I was watching the Discovery Channel. Then my consciousness became an ant working, digging, moving dirt, communicating with the hive. I felt my legs be that of an ant. Sensing the bodily experience of an ant, I felt utterly connected to the hive and as if the only thing that mattered was the future of the hive. My existence was a speck in the entire kingdom. There was a

sense of awareness of my life as a member of the hive and how my role not only affected the hive but the entire ecosystem of Mother Earth. 


In this animal shapeshifting experience along with others I have had, I experienced what it is like to be that animal, their life experience, and their knowledge; I could talk to them and ask them questions. I have discovered that animals have emotions, opinions, and memories, just as we do; the main difference I learned was that they were very attuned to the history of their existence as a whole species, their role in the life cycle, and the impact they have on the entire planet's ecosystem. 

MW Lizette Note

Practicing spiritual, metaphysical, and certain Sexual Arts techniques can help awaken many of our latent human abilities.

Shapeshifting is the ability to enter into the space/time bubble of consciousness of an animal. The experience is as real and exact as if one were experiencing and feeling one's thoughts and emotions.

Dominica entered the realm of the ant in this particular experience. This is helpful in many ways. It can help one align with the ant totem, its energy, and medicine.


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