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The Here and the Now Exercise

Originally posted on Feb. 19, 2015

The Here and the Now exercise taught to me by my mentor, Dr. Estrada.

Artwork by Kelly Thompson.

The Here and the Now Exercise:

1. Aware of my Breath & Body

2. Aware of the Action

3. Aware of my Spatial Awareness.

The “Here and the Now Exercise” is the groundwork that provides the foundation upon which we can then build. It was taught to me early on by my mentor Dr. Arturo Estrada. This practice takes the concept of "being mindful and living in the moment” to an actual know-how experience. We must exert ourselves to divide our attention between 3 aspects: Being aware of breath and feeling your body, being conscious of the action, along with being alert to one’s location (spatial awareness).

The Here and the Now Exercise consist of:

  • Aware of breath & Body

  • Aware of Action

  • Spatial awareness (Location)

Be aware of your breath at the same time that you are aware of your body. Then add spatial awareness, that is, the space that you occupy. A wonderful way to add spatial awareness is to continue with breath and body awareness while knowing and feeling where you are at and then with your mind’s eye imaging you are outside of yourself looking down on earth. Then zoom in from the atmosphere of the Earth slowly to your present location. This will give you awareness of the space you occupy.

Then observe the action going on around you or within you. This includes your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When you are observing the action around you, focus on being grounded, being aware of your breath, and your location, and moving away from judgment.

Practice this continuously throughout the day, every day. Once you have excelled at doing all three with complete awareness, continue doing the“Here and the Now” exercise throughout the various occurrences of your day, particularly when you experience deep emotions. The idea is to practice this exercise throughout your day. The culmination is to get to the point where you can divide these three areas of attention and be aware of them. So you can be washing dishes, vacuuming, teaching, sitting at a computer, showering, in the midst of a difficult situation, etc., and still be completely aware of breath, completely aware of your body and what you are physically doing, and completely aware of your surroundings and location. In this way, you are living the moment with full attention, and you can penetrate the happenings of the moment.


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