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Edgar Cayce "Think on This" Reading 5640-3,

Originally posted on Jun. 11, 2010

There is the necessity that the physical body be in as perfect accord with the Creative and Universal Forces as is possible, but "Thy will be done in me as Thou seest I have need of in the present. Let me bear in my body those conditions, circumstances, physical and mental, that will bring me wholly closer to an understanding of the purposes for which I came into being; without censure to anyone, without censure to myself, but use me as Thou seest fit!"

And this brings us to the understanding I share with my students.... that no matter the situation, the circumstances, or events in our lives, what is important is to live each moment doing the best you can and with an attitude of happiness and joy. This Reading by Edgar Cayce reinforces the saying that it's not so much what happens to you, but more about how you react and handle the thoughts and emotions that surface in response to the outside stimuli. This is the work, the learning to do - all with enthusiasm, with the sparkle in the heart of a child discovering the world around him.

My Love and Joy, Lizette


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