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This is a place for Self-Discovery and health, a place that encourages you to awaken consciousness.


Together we can narrate

a New World of cooperation

and harmony, designed with

the threads of peace, joy, wisdom,

and Total Encompassing Love. ​

Medicine Woman Lizette offers Life Coaching Services, Ceremonial Healing Sessions, a Self-Discovery Blog with a wealth of material for the Spiritual Seeker, the book she authored as she went through an incredible initiation process, and her MWS–Movement that heralds the building of peace in the world, and it starts with you.

As you explore this site, may this buffet for the soul nourish
you in your path of Discovery and empower you to grow
in wisdom, love and joy.


When you are trapped your mind focuses on problems. When you live in freedom and fluidity, you only see possibilities.




Cuando estas atrapado tu mente se enfoca en los problemas. Cuando vives en libertad y fluidez, solo ves posibilidades.

Gregg Braden

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 Metaphysical & Spiritual Life Coaching and Ceremonial Healing Sessions

Embark on a Journey to unlock your Power and awaken the Healer within 

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Life is Beautiful

a book for every soul that seeks to expand
by Medicine Woman Lizette

A treasure hunt of material to dive into as you start or continue your journey toward higher consciousness

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As we each weave our own magnificent tapestry of undistorted Self-Love and empowerment to the best of our rhythm,  moment by moment, step-by-step we become a piece of the puzzle towards World peace.

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