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A Fabulous 2015 - Words from a friend

Originally posted on Jan. 8, 2015

Beautiful words a dear friend sent to me. I wish to pass my translation on as a gift to you.

"My greatest desire is that, step by step, you accomplish your goals in life, and that with each passing moment your dreams become grander; that happiness, health, and love be with you always; that you never stop the fight because that is what gives life its true significance. Together, let's extend welcoming arms to the New Year and its blessings. Let's give gratitude for the year that ended, for all the experiences we had, and for the growth of our souls. We say goodbye to last year's events, to the challenges that fortified our faith, and to those delightful moments that healed us.

With all my love, a fabulous 2015."

Gracias, Catalina. Te quiero mucho.


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