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A Prayer - Healing Breath

MWL Mar. 10, 2015

The strength of love has united us, and power is here.

Release the debts we have incurred and open the way and the future

to the world we envision of love and joy.

Settled within us is calm and easy breath

quiet firmness

wonder settled

beautiful scene with eyes that are calm.

They are reciprocating love and joy and releasing

the extremes of the tightrope balance we walk.

And know that you walk among us all

we surround you


moment by moment

age by age

reason by reason.

We surround you with our power, and we never let go of that force

that breathes us into your heart

and settles us into the womb of your love

and releases us anew into a space and time that unites us all.

We are breath and we are always with you.


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