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EXCERPT from "Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand "

MWL Feb. 27, 2015

With love and joy, I share the birth of my book, Life is Beautiful. Here is an excerpt from its beginning days of life.


What can be more beautiful than taking the pain

of the heart, placing it between your hands,

and seizing the opportunity through the glory

of Love and Life to transform your pain into

the dove of peace and freedom for the soul?

We are not alone. Life is alive, the world is alive, and alive with every intention to assist and care for us, and more, to help us open our eyes to the moment’s beauteous workings of Life[1] itself. The world wants us to learn, to grow and become educated in the fine wisdom, knowledge, and teachings of the sacred, the religious, and the spiritual, of all that we as individuals encompass, and that as a whole we compose. The world also wants us to fall into the idea of having the consciousness of living a life, within Life itself.

Life entices us to observe, recognize and witness that She is beautiful no matter the experience lived. She calls out to us to honor and trust the totality of the experience that has entered our space. She allures each of us to be at a level of awareness and consciousness where we understand there is perfection in the moment, even if in those very moments we are unable to perceive the way in which those dots of experience connect to this perfection. She persuades us to be aware, if only for a glimpse, of the miracles that exist and occurs in between the inhale and exhale of every breath of each moment.

Yet, Life does not want us to be still among the pain or injustice. On the contrary, a door opens so that we may reach for a total transformation and She presents the opportunity, particularly in the direst of situations, to seek, search, and find our Selves. Life insists we be a catalyst and an example, not only for our Selves but also for others and for the world itself. So She pushes us to rise above the burdens of our cross, to make our path – our way – the catalyst for change, while we become an example to others of the internal transformation possible in each of us. Through this personal transformation, and with determination, we can go forth and bear fruit from our internal struggles, and provide nourishment to others. This may be through the simplest and smallest of kind gestures, or with giant leaps such as breaking personal or social barriers of repeated, automatic, and outdated actions created in response to life’s tense structures and pain.

Life also wants to see us climb the ladder of knowledge and expand the height, width, and depth of our emotional intelligence, physical genius, spiritual insight, life wisdom, and prudence.

Most of all, Life wants us to be happy, not only of the heart, but of the mind, of the soul, and of the spirit! And She wants us to recall and remember that no matter the steps taken, we are loved!

Indeed, a Beautiful Life – this package to behold!

[1] Lower case “life:” general meaning—it starts when we are born and ends when we die. Upper case “Life:” all our trajectory of birth, death, and rebirth—encompasses all of Life including and beyond our material and unseen worlds, dimensions, and spheres.

Life is Beautiful: A book for every soul that seeks to expand - Now Available on!

My love and joy


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