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Apprentice Insights: Who Are You in Times of Struggle?

Sept 21, 2023

"A warrior doesn't give up what he loves; he finds the love in what he does." - Dan Millman.

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay

Who are you? Who are you in times of struggle? Do you find yourself a victim of circumstances or the World?

Throughout my life, I felt so sensitive. So uncared for. Unannounced, I claimed to be a victim of circumstances and what others "made me feel." I blamed myself, and I blamed others. Thinking I could never be better than I was. It was too hard. I was too broken and unlovable. As life went on, I realized I had a choice to make. An alternative to look deeper into the inner workings of my life, seeing how I relate with myself and others. I realized that I was looking for liberty by playing the blame game. This act saved me from doing and acting in the moment and turning away from feeling my pain and seeing the truth.

Today, as I march ahead from being a victim I am becoming a peaceful warrior. I have found a part of myself I've always had inside me. A piece that we all have inside us. Love.

How can we find the light without going into the darkness? How does a seed become a tree? How does an Athlete become a Champion? By facing all they are not and growing because of it. Moving beyond the limitations we project onto ourselves.

Who do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered when you are no longer in the flesh? How does a grudge, anger for the system, anger towards people, or towards what had happened change anything? How does one begin to enjoy the experiences of life? Acceptance of what is, embracing our unique story entirely.

What do we all strive for ultimately? We all strive for peace. But most of us spend our time being sad, worried, upset, and critical of ourselves and others. Longing, filled with regret, as the moment is lost. We must discover the grit to open our hearts to a new way of living, using our pain as strength toward cultivating a warrior spirit. We are open to forgiveness because we know our own pain, which allows compassion for the World.

Here are some ways I have learned to overcome the limitations we put on ourselves:

  1. Quieting the mind to create empowering beliefs can increase self-esteem to form a commitment to a new way of Being.

  2. Laughing when things are going haywire is an excellent approach to move away from frustration. (See MWL exercises and videos on laughter)

  3. Change is inevitable, and we must move with the tide.

  4. Thoughts and emotions are coming and going; we are more than that.

  5. Trust your intuition, your heart. Be your own voice. No one can understand you better than you.

  6. Become a child again.

  7. The past is the shadow of the mind. Let go of your limitations.

  8. Stop the paralysis analysis game.

  9. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

There's a purpose for everything. It's up to us to find it. You are a piece of the entire Universe. We know nothing at all. Had we known, we would have always lived in the moment & be grateful for what we are, Who We Are & what we do.

I am a peaceful warrior. I own & rejoice in my story. I invite you to hold your story and live the peaceful warrior's life at your own suitable time.

With Love and Encouragement,


MWS Apprentice


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