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Apprentices Insights: The Power of Breath - A Personal Journey in Accountability

Insights and learnings of an apprentice on breath. Wonderful perspective and angle Dominica shares with you. At the end of the article are 2 links to click on, the 1st one on how to breath properly and the 2nd on breath work with Iceman Hoff. Happy learnings


Breathing is something we do automatically, a simple yet profound act that mirrors life's hidden lessons. What we give, whether our breath or actions, has a way of returning to us. This truth has been a source of awakening and transformation in my life. Join me as I explore the significance of breath, accountability, and their impact on my daily journey.

The Breath of Life

Photo by Olga Nayda on Unsplash

Breath, I've come to realize, is the essence of existence. The silent force keeps us alive, a dance of giving and receiving. When we inhale, we welcome life-sustaining oxygen into our bodies, and with each exhale, we release carbon dioxide. But it's more than a physical exchange; it's a metaphor for the idea that our thoughts, words, and deeds echo back into our lives.

I've embraced mindful breathing to make this concept part of my daily life. Every day, I set aside moments to connect with my breath. I inhale positive energy, welcome the world's possibilities, and exhale negativity and stress, releasing the burdens that weigh me down. This practice reminds me that my inner state and the external world are intricately connected.

Accountability in Life

Taking responsibility for my choices and their outcomes has been a transformative journey. Accountability has become a cornerstone of my personal growth and ethical living. It's the recognition that I am the architect of my own experiences. It is possible to transform blame and judgment into empowerment.

Practicing self-reflection has been my gateway to accountability. Regularly, I delve into the motivations behind my actions and decisions. Do positive or negative intentions drive them? This introspection helps me align my intentions with my actions, ensuring my choices are rooted in authenticity.

Actions and Intentions: An Equitable Relationship

Our actions and intentions are intrinsically linked. It's not just what we do but why we do it that matters. Actions are the visible results of intentions, and our intentions' authenticity shapes our actions' impact.

To put this into practice, I now set positive intentions before I embark on any task or interaction. I use this exercise as a tool that helps me consider how my actions can contribute to the well-being of both myself and others. I've learned that infusing my actions with kindness and selflessness creates a more harmonious result.

The Lesson of Breath and Accountability

This journey of breath and accountability has revealed to me that we exist within a perpetual cycle of cause and effect. Just as our breath flows without conscious thought, our actions and intentions consistently mold our lives. In this interconnected dance of existence, there is no place for blame or judgment, only a deep understanding of our own roles in this beautiful process.

In embracing this philosophy, I've taken the reins of my life's narrative. I've come to understand that my breath, the constant rhythm of life, symbolizes my role as the creator of my reality. It's an empowering journey grounded in personal responsibility, free from the need to assign blame or judgment.


The symbolism of breath and the principle of accountability are universal reminders of our power in shaping our lives. In my journey, these teachings have been invaluable. They've illuminated the path to conscious and intentional living, empowering me to live a life of authenticity, self-awareness, and purpose. Our breath, the constant rhythm of life, is a reminder that, ultimately, we are the makers of our reality.

MWS Apprentice


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