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Caroline Myss: Archetype - The Wounded Healer

Mar. 18, 2010

About 6 months ago, as I again picked up Caroline's Myss book Sacred Contracts, I found this time around the blueprint for the "initiation" process that I started about 5 years ago. My journey into becoming the Instrument of the work I do today, that of a Medicine Woman using Spider and Snake Medicine is truly an amazing, beyond fantasy expedition that I traveled. As I read Caroline's Wounded Healer archetype, I realized what my Soul - the true me - had chosen as the story my Being was to act out. I did some Directing, Producing, and other creative endeavors along the way.

- Wounded Healer - Caroline's description -

"The wounded Healer is initiated into the art of Healing through some form of personal hardship - anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all one's earthly possessions. Regardless of the shape of the wound, the challenge inherent in this initiation process is that one is unable to turn to others for help beyond a certain degree of support. Only the initiate can ultimately heal the wound; if it is an illness or accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure. The Wounded Healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes more a process of transformation than an attempt to heal an illness. If you have successfully completed the initiation, you inevitably experience an exceptional healing, and a path of service seems to be Divinely provided shortly after the Initiation is complete. " Word for word, I followed this archetype. The injury; the walking in the desert on my own; the conventional and unconventional healing methods were not effective or possible to use; the process transformed me as I was being able to pierce the shell of my being to emerge and connect to my Higher Self, which then brought the connection to Spider-Woman who brought Her knowledge of Healing. I healed myself physically through Her force and to this day I employ Her teachings in the Healing I do on various levels. The arduous Hero's journey I traveled has certainly provided my solid path of service to others. If you are in times of darkness, heaviness of the soul, grief beyond belief, torment of the highest degree- seek within and outside the self. You must continue to push forward, to understand there is a reason and a purpose for all you have been, all that you are and will be. You too can pierce the shell, the lining, particularly at these times where the forces are such as to provide the ease to do this. No matter how high you fly, how grand the upper realms open up to you, or the inner worlds or the underworld opens up to you, always keep grounded, both in heart and mind. Keeping the mind grounded means you have the capacity and strength to acknowledge when you need outside assistance and when to employ reason. Reason and the Mind stays in the equation when the New World opens up to you. After all, the Mind is the female aspect, the She energy of the body. Listen to her with the reason and intelligence she brings. So march forward in your discovery of Who You Are. A few scratches and bruises here and there are OK. Just get up and ride again.

As Edgar Cayce said... Keep the Heart singing! the Mind clear! Keep the face towards the light! The shadows then fall behind. Happy discoveries!

My love and joy to you


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