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As Above So Below

MWL Sept. 28, 2010

This overcoming influx of joy becomes me and I have no other choice but to be in heaven.... But I have dishes to wash, beds to make, and bills to pay... So I bring heaven down to me and the dishes, the bed, and the bills are made, done and paid-While I live on earth and heaven directs me.

But let's continue because now a new understanding is among us. As heaven directs me here on Earth, I go inside me and center my Right and my Left. Then knowing the God-child I am, I tweak the heavenly knowledge to fit accordingly to what I see here on Earth. And then I pass on this combined knowledge to Mother Earth. Then I wait for Her to receive and work with this new information. And I wait. And I wait. And wait until she gets back to me with her new output. I receive it and I work with it here on Earth. Then I send it back up to the heavens.

So I am a communicator between the above and the below, yet I negotiate here on Earth at my level. And now the puzzle is complete, as above so below and as below so above. Each one of you is a transmitter of your knowledge, not just a receiver. Not only are we enlightened by the heavens and the Earth, but we enlighten the heavens and the Earth. And in this way, we become the children of Earth that lead the Kingdom into Heaven.


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