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Chemical Toxicity Summit with host Jaban Moore, DC

Jun. 26, 2022

Here is a small segment of great learning material to navigate for intermediate Life Students. I pulled this material from a Chemical Toxicity Summit presented by Dr. Jaban Moore. Here if you open your eyes to see, you can learn about the interconnectedness and the oneness of our total individual being and possible ways to bring us back to equilibrium with Who We Are. You may even find a gem of balance in your path towards health.

I'd like to share with you one of my quotes...

"We will no longer be able to expand, grow, rise in studies, economics, or stature at the expense of another, at the expense of nature, at the expense of animals, or at the expense of ourselves. Moving forward, we must contemplate all avenues in our decisions. That includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and the decision must abide by all these levels."

The above quote exemplifies the hidden subtle connection between layers of our Being as demonstrated in the interview transcript below with Doctor Kelly Blodgett, DMD, NMD about "How Mercury Fillings, Fluoride, Root Canals and Cavitations Impact Your Health"

Happy learning

Download PDF • 1.93MB


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