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Communicate with the higher levels to confirm your good intentions are of proper order

MWL Sept. 8, 2015

We need application and dedication to a task that only with effort, time, and care will bloom into a flower of delightful fragrance that covers our senses, our hearts, and our wellbeing with satisfaction, love, and joy. And we can only come to this level of love and joy -- when we march not only to our impulses for a higher good for all of mankind, but when we also listen and march with the higher beat and guidance of our heavenly father, mother, brothers, and sisters.

There is no other way -- otherwise, our good intentions come from our degree of understanding only, which is limited, not as clear, nor complete as that of the elders of the upper realms.

The above-written inspiration came after again hearing of misapplied positive intentions with animals of the lower kingdom. The story had to do with a chimpanzee that was taken from its parents at birth, to live with a scientist who wanted to see what it would be like to raise the chimpanzee as their own child. Her name was Lucy, and she was treated just like a human child and integrated into a typical home. When she got much older, her parents decided they couldn't keep her any longer. (I missed this part, but I think it was because she was starting to awaken to her sexuality.) They looked extensively for a place to relocate her. Lucy ended up with other apes on an island I believe off of Africa. A human friend that she had known for a long time stayed with her for almost a year trying to get Lucy acclimated. This was very stressful for Lucy; she lost her hair, and when her human friend built herself a cage so that Lucy would have no physical contact with her, Lucy and the other apes would defecate over her.

I am sure Lucy's "parents" and the woman did not realize their mistake, nor how stressful it is for the animal to return to the wild when they were raised in a human environment. Because we see the animal "belonging" to the wild, we then think they will adapt easily to that environment. How mistaken we are. It would be as if you or I were picked up by someone and taken to the Amazon to live in the forest or a cave because after all, that's where we "came from."

The proper thing to have done in this situation was to relocate Lucy to a place where she had a lot of similarities to what she was brought up with. This same error was made with the orca from 'Free Willy' that was returned to the wild and died soon after. His and Lucy's connection to humans was already imprinted, and the human relationship was essential for them. We made the mistake of thinking they wouldn't need those relationships any longer. This error is due in part to us not understanding the depth of emotions and feelings of animals of the lower kingdom.

REMEMBER: the question is not do animals have feelings, thoughts, and emotions like us... but rather, the statement is: We have feelings, thoughts, and emotions just like our brothers and sisters of the lower kingdom.


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