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Edgar Cayce Reading 2074-1: No feelings

Apr. 7, 2010

Think on This ... DO NOT jump at conclusions. Analyze ALL relationships. Hold no grudges, no feelings, because others have not applied or do not apply that as ye feel to be right, or ye feel should be. Suppose self in the other individual's place, and hold thy tongue from speaking guile or evil of anyone. Edgar Cayce Reading 2074-1

Note how Edgar Cayce speaks of " hold no feelings". I have experienced this sensation of time/space where there is only the mind observant of the peace that is present. Without the feelings, that emerge from the constant voices that surround and yell at us - we are free. In this freedom peace is eternal, happiness is endless and abound and we are free to be one with God and the Universe. It is from entering this space and time that one manipulates matter.

My love ad joy


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